Mississauga Hardwood Staircase Renovation: Conversion from Carpet to Hardwood (May 25, 2019) - GTA Hardwood Installation, Refinishing, RepairGTA Hardwood Installation, Refinishing, Repair

Mississauga Hardwood Staircase Renovation: Conversion from Carpet to Hardwood (May 25, 2019)


Mississauga Staircase Revamp: Carpet to Hardwood

This is one of our recent hardwood staircase renovation projects performed for a client in Mississauga. Their centrally located staircase did not have the character and appeal of the rest of their floors, resulting in a disparate appearance that was creating aesthetic inconsistencies. The client requested that we convert the carpet staircase to hardwood stairs and was pleased to hear that we could do this project with no mess, thanks to our hardwood dustless sanding process with the Oneida state of the art vacuum sanders. The dustless sanding process gives us the ability to have less intrusion in the house hold, avoid unnecessary mess and complete the project within a faster timeline. In total the staircase refinishing project took 3 days, with total client satisfaction.

One of the main criteria was to make sure that the hardwood staircase colour fit in with the rest of the floor. Thanks to our colour matching expertise, we were able to create a seamless transition in stain flowing from the floors to the stairs. In all our projects we only use the best floor DuraSeal stain products and high quality, natural Bona floor finisher to enhance the colours of the wood. Using top quality products is part of our commitment for providing long-lasting, high quality hardwood refinishing results.

The three day project consisted of first carefully removing the laminate carpet from the stairs. We then installed new steps, that were custom-made on the spot to ensure stability, precision and perfect placement. The next step was the crucial element of matching the stain to the floors. We hand-stained all the steps, methodically matching the colour to the hardwood floors. The final step involved replacing the staircase post and pickets to ensure flawless blending with the style and colour of the stain.

Another happy customer and another job well done for Brabus Hardwood! If you’d like to get a free quote feel free to contact us and we would be glad to give you a free estimate. For more pictures of our work please visit our Instagram page for the latest projects or check out the hardwood projects gallery. If you want to learn more about all the different hardwood services we offer, please visit the services page or call us today (416) 710-3725.

  • Starting the project, the staircase has carpet on it
    Starting the project, the staircase has carpet on it